Stay True (2018)

Never play to the gallery. I didn’t learn that until much later. But I never work for other people. Always remember that the reason why I initially started working was because there was something within myself that I felt if I could manifest it in someway and I would be able to understand how I coexist with the rest of society. It is terribly dangerous for an artist to fulfill other peoples expectations. And generally they will produce their worst works when they do that. Also, if I feel safe in the area I am working in, I know I am not working in the right area. I always go further in the water than I am capable of being in and I go a little more out of my depth. When I feel my feet are not quite touching the bottom, then I know I am in the right place to do something exciting. It is very hard keeping a huge secret in your heart and be a good artist.

“Stay True” comes from an inspiring boxing reference as a definition of style.
”Stays True” means to persevere or last. a cacophonous melee of colour, light and sound, One of the lessons that I grew up with was to always stay true to myself and never let what somebody else says distract me from my goals. I really don’t pay attention to negative people, because I know who I am. I am on a Journey of 1000 faces.
John Ferrie, May 2018

Jean Michel Basquait