Fallen Angel

Sometimes there is an Angel that comes and changes our lives forever. Angels have come a number of times in my life and they have always changed the trajectory of what I think, see, do, and especially paint. An Angel is a gift and while they don’t come around very often, they also don’t stay very long when they do. Take their lessons and learn from them and always follow their lead.

This collection of paintings, titled “Fallen Angel”, is about one of those light bulb moments, when letting go of an old dialog and freeing up my conventional approaches changed me. While I cannot completely understand why I am an artist, I know the work comes through me and is very much a gift. It has come to define me and is something I will always do.

The initial approach to this collection was first letting go of the reigns of colour palette and subject. Then with sweeping brushstrokes, potent colour choices, relaxed subjects and intrinsic details, these paintings were born. The vocabulary of these paintings and what is communicated is love and beauty and a dare to dream.

There are so many challenges in life, but the one thing that makes it worthwhile is being with friends and family and love. It is not what you gather, but what you scatter that tells what kind of life you have lived.