Harbour to Highrise

I am having a love affair with Vancouver.

Harbour to Highrise is a series of paintings that reflects the waterways and buildings that were invented by people far more brilliant than myself. Being raised in Vancouver and having lived here for over 35 years, Vancouver is an incredible source of inspiration.

The subject matter is forever evolving, with the architecture pushing the envelope of design with buildings like the Erickson, a residence that spirals, twisting to unnatural balance, adding perspective and wings that are awe inspiring.

The 1930 clerestory and dilapidated warehouse that was The Vancouver Salt Company has been saved from destruction and restored to new life, living alongside some of the most progressive structures in the skyline.

Subjects I painted a year ago are now veiled with a new building and perspective, like the Sun Tower with its oxidized copper king crab cap. It now has an ultra modern sleek housing project in its shadows. Once we had the inflated giant marshmallow in bondage roof at BC Place, and now it is soaring with a pristine new crown-like retractable outer layer, and is the current focus of the Vancouver landscape.

Harbour to Highrise brings all of these elements together with fractal and intrinsic detail. This work chronicles my experience, my day to day life, reprocessed into my own vocabulary, reflecting what has come to define me.