4 Seasons

July 31st to August 8th, 2014
Several Months ago, I received a phone call asking if I would exhibit my paintings in lobby of the Four Seasons Hotel in Vancouver. I had just closed my “Art Doesn’t Have 2 Match the Couch” show and I also had an upcoming collection to paint titled “West End Living”. Never backing down from a challenge, I accepted their gracious offer. Truth be told, I thought I would be on the lower level where the bell hops bring in luggage and where they wash the cars. I was very pleased to see I was in the main lobby. There were giant posters with my name and picture on them announcing my exhibition. The entire experience was a dream, from hanging the show with an engineer team, to all the incredible and friendly people who welcomed me. There was a lovely reception where I spoke with several groups about being an artist. With the elegant marble lobby the collection looked incredible.

I painted more recognizable images that someone might recall after touring around the city for a day. I painted a few pieces of the downtown core, gastown, Robson Street and the stadiums as well as a few “neighbourhoody” paintings. These chosen pieces spoke of the essence of the Vancouver experience.

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“Berzcy Dog Park”. new print available. 17” x 11” numbered and signed. limited edition of 25 on heavy duty card sto… https://t.co/d1BAiiN9jE